Will you survive to 2025

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Saul's Insights | 0 comments

Lesson Plan For The Future…

Job Description
Skill sets

What is the future role, job description, and skills sets required of the person we today refer to as a “real estate agent.”

While it is true that the purchase and transfer of a home is an infrequent, emotional event that has many tasks and needs that must be fulfilled by “someone.”

Must that “someone” be a real estate professional, as we know them today, working as an independent contractor for a brokerage firm?

Is it possible that the emotional needs of buyers and sellers may be satisfied by someone that works for a title company, escrow company, lender, or some new, yet-to-be-defined institution or entity?

The restructuring is taking place as we speak.

Will you survive to 2025?



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