Urbanizing Suburbs

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Housing Changemaker Series with Chris Leinberger

This special series on Infill is in partnership with Up For Growth, who is hosting a conference featuring amazing pro-housing voices from all over the country. We had the great opportunity to sit down with several of the speakers and give you a preview of what will be discussed in more detail during the conference

This episode, Laura Foote sits down with Chris Leinberger, a land use strategist, developer, professor, researcher and author. Currently, Mr. Leinberger is Managing Partner and Co-founder, Places Platform, LLC, which assesses place-based economic, social equity and public health by measuring and managing economic growth, net fiscal impact, real estate valuation, achieving social equity and increasing public health.

In this podcast, Chris Leinberger discusses the key role that Walkable Oriented Development (WOD) plays in offering solutions to the housing crisis. Chris notes the successes achieved with upzoning for higher density in Bethesda, Md where, incidentally,  he and wife frequently visit for “date night.”

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The Up for Growth Mission is to forge policies and partnerships to achieve housing equity, eliminate systemic barriers, and create more homes
Up for Growth is a nonprofit forum that represents a vibrant, diverse and growing coalition of stakeholders who believe that communities should grow for the benefit of every person. Our forum’s mission is to improve the quality of life for working families and create communities that are accessible and affordable for all by promoting more housing close to jobs, efficient transportation, and desirable local amenities.



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