Up For Growth Report on Affordable and Available Housing

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Knowledge is Power…

We have all been involved in discussions around the underbuilding problems in the US. The US is 3-5 million units short, depending on the studies you read.

Everyone recognizes the problem, and no one has put together a plan at the national level to do anything about it, until now

Today, a Washington DC Think Tank, Up for Growth, releases its report, Housing Underproduction in the United States, a first-of-its-kind longitudinal study tracking nationwide housing underproduction by state and across 814 metropolitan and non-metropolitan units of geography – the most detailed analysis of America’s housing shortage ever produced.

By measuring the gap between the number of homes needed in a given area versus those available, Up for Growth found that 47 states, the District of Columbia, and 169 metropolitan areas are experiencing a severe shortage of homes. The report also presents a new and innovative policy framework that offers a roadmap to policymakers to solve housing underproduction and increase housing equity in high-opportunity neighborhoods – places that are rich in jobs, transportation, infrastructure, and community assets.

I have collegues attending the announcement of this plan today in DC and will be following this closely over the next few years

See UpForGrowth report. here – https://bit.ly/2vxuVd8


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