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Without a doubt, my vote for the Best Book I’ve read this year goes to The New Grand Strategy by Mark Mykleby, Patrick Doherty, and Joel Makower. I know that Saul Klein and Terri Murphy join me in that vote.

Here’s what the authors say about their book in this Prologue:– it tells an interesting story how this book took shape

This book is divided into three parts: Part I provides the historical context—the role grand strategy has played in America’s history to
drive economic growth in a way that supports our national and global
interests, and how we can use it again in the twenty-first century. Part II
looks at the three pools of demand that represent a massive business opportunity, one that can provide the economic foundation America needs
to be strong and resilient. Part III looks at what it will take to bring
this scenario to life: the players, institutions, and financing mechanisms
we’ll need to deploy, and the role that Washington could—but need


This is no idealistic pipe dream or wonky policy prescription.
The story that unfolds weaves together hardnosed economic analysis,
a clear-eyed study of demographic and societal shifts, the implications
of climate change and resource scarcity, a risk assessment of America’s
challenges and opportunities, and on-the-ground reporting of solutions
that are already being implemented across the nation. By rediscovering
the power and discipline of grand strategy—and taking responsibility
for our future—we can reimagine the American dream and once again
take on what Thomas Paine called “the cause of all mankind.”


In many respects, the collaboration and ideas contained in this
book represent the best of the America we intend to illuminate: a nation
rooted in a deep and rich history, unbound in its vision, capable of turning seemingly insurmountable challenges into vast new opportunities,
always seeking to be an example to the world.

In future issues of The Data Advocate (TDA), we will be addressing many of the key issues raised in the book. Mark and Patrick are key Contributors to TDA and we anticipate they will share thoughts and trends with us.

Here’s a video of the authors taken when the book was originally launched.

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