The Future of MLS

by | Oct 23, 2021 | MLS and NAR | 0 comments

The Evolution of MLS 

MLS is and will continue to be the number one marketing tool of real estate brokers and their agents into the foreseeable future.
There is no substitute on the horizon for the gathering, cleansing, maintenance, and dissemination of real property inventories that can replace the current MLS system.
Civil and Antitrust Litigation may change the offer of compensation aspect, and civil damages could potentiall hurt many MLS organizations, brokers, and NAR if plaintiffs succeed and if the damages are astronomical, which is a possibility.
The Mohlr Case is going for Commission Disgorgement over the last 4 years. Throw in potential punitive damages and MLSs and “Organized Real Estate might be a major problem…but any result is at least a few years away.
Work now, to take back your future. It is still possible.


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