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MIT Social Media Summit


I listened and viewed the entire Social Media Summit program yesterday, and it was one of the best programs I have ever attended. Relevant, on point, authoritative, and timely.

All of the speakers were ready and spot on. Sinan Aral did a great job keeping the conversation on track, tying points together as we moved through the day. I have never attended an MIT event before, but my expectations of MIT is that it brings the best. I was not disappointed by this program.

Watch the whole thing if you can.


The Social Media Summit @ MIT (SMS @ MIT) brings together the world’s leaders in social technology to examine one of the most critical and compelling issues of our time – the impact of social media on our democracies, our economies, and our public health — with a vision to craft meaningful solutions to the social media crisis.

View the 8 hour program at  MIT Social Media Summit

See Agenda: Agenda

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