Technology Timeline


March — NAR’s  Presidential Advisory Group on MLS Technology Applications chaired by Jerry Matthews

RealSelect demonstrated to Walt Baczkowski and Saul Klein. RealSelect product introduced at orientations of the San Diego Association of REALTORS each month for remainder of the year.

April 26  — NAR Presdient Bill Chee delivers “Lion over the Hill” speech to NAR Board of Directors

September — AOL added USENET access to its features

October 4 – MLS Vendor White Paper

November — EDS (Electronic Data Systems) submits business plan to NAR


October — The Gallup Organization submits their NAR commissioned Member Services Report


January – NAR Mid-Year Meetings in Orlando. Introduced to new RIN Employee Team: Ed Evans, Kathy Hartke, Jim Tebay, John Schladweiler. Also Cathy, Linda, and Lisa of NAR staff transferred to RIN. Saul Klein hired by RIN as “Realtor Consutant” to create practical applications for the technology to be created and introduced by the Members.

March 3, 4 – MLS Charter Member Meeting – Drake Hotel, Chicago. Most participating MLSs gathered for an update and to participate in Focus Groups. DxM (Data Exchange Method) also a topic of discussion

March 31 – Jim Tebay leaves RIN. Ed Evans names Saul Klein as interim Vice President of Marketing. The search begins to fill the position of VP Marketing. Bob Goldberg hired.

April 4 – Richard Janssen letter and proposal for a real estate website sent to Walt Baczkowski

June 3 – National Advertising and “Barriers” marketing piece created and distributed by Saul Klein

August  9 – Netscape goes Public

September 3,4 – RIN  online community planning meeting at SDAR in San Diego. “Discuss” functionality of RIN Network Desktop renamed RealTalk. Categories of conversation determined. In Attendance: Saul Klein, John Reilly, Jack Harper, Mike Barnett, Julie Garton Good, Richard Janssen, Ron Rothenberg, Becky Swann.

September 5, 1995: First MLS Contract Signed – Austin

November 3 – Incorporated Real Estate Electronic Publishing Company dba RealTown (1997 version) and Internet Crusade Saul Klein, John Reilly, Jack Harper

November  10-13 – Launch of RIN and at NAR Conference in Atlanta.

November 24 – Bill Gates publishes The Road Ahead (description of the way homes will be bought and sold online, Page 173.

December 24 —  RIN Training and Publishing Plan Created by Saul Klein and John Reilly and submitted to the RIN Executive Team for approval. Plan approved


Ferbruary – NAR Mid Winter Meetings in Honolulu – Hilton Hawaiian Village. Meetings about financials with NAR Leadership.  Ed Evans, Bob Goldberg, Ben Blair, Bill Chee, Roy Rainey. Also there and involved in the conversations: Perry Morton and Saul Klein

March 29 – domain created.

August 26 – Special Meeting of the NAR Board of Directors where it was decided that RIN would be collapsed, spun off to eventually go public as Homestore.

September 27-29 – First Inman Tech conference which evolves into Connect.

November — NAR Directors approve agreement between RIN and Real Select Inc to take over the operation of


May — NAR launches their Intranet,


July 13, 1998 – Microsoft launches Project headed by Ian Morris, who went on to head Market Leader


August – Homestore goes public, raises $140 million. NAR recoups original RIN investment and much more


April – NAR launches the e-PRO Technology Certification Program

May – Internet Data Exchange (IDX) MLS Policy 7.58 first adopted


July – RealTown, dba Internet Crusade, takes over NAR’s e-PRO Technology Certification Program and operates it till 2000

August — NAR launches the Center For REALTORS Technology with Mark Lesswing Chief Technology Officer

October — NAR launches, the replacement site for and


January 1 – NAR adopts Virtual Office Website (VOW) policy


September Department of Justice (DOJ) files anti-trust lawsuit against NAR

September – Trulia launches beta service


February – Zillow launches beta service


May 27, 2008 – NAR/DOJ Settlement and adoption of new VOW rules