What Does the NAR Member Look Like in 2021

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Based on a random sampling of membership of the National Association of REALTORS®, the annual Member Profile strives to answer the question: Who are REALTORS®?

Business Characteristics of REALTORS®

  • 68%of REALTORS® were licensed sales agents
  • 20%held broker licenses
  • 13%held broker associate licenses
  • The typical REALTOR® had 8 years of experience, down from 9 last year.
  • 79%of REALTORS® were very certain they would remain active as a real estate professional for two more years.

Business Activity of REALTORS®

  • At 60%, lack of inventorysurpassed the difficulty finding the right property and housing affordability as the most important factor limiting potential clients from making a purchase.
  • Most REALTORS® worked 35 hours per weekin 2020, down from 36 hours last year.
  • The typical REALTOR® earned 15%of their business from repeat clients and customers, and 19% through referrals from past clients and customers.
  • The typical property managermanaged 39 properties in 2020, up from 35 properties in 2019.

Income and Expenses of REALTORS®

  • In 2020, 37%of REALTORS® were compensated under a fixed commission split (under 100%), followed by 23% with a graduated commission split (increases with productivity).
  • REALTORS® with 16 years or more experiencehad a median gross income of $75,000—down from %86,500 in 2019—compared to REALTORS® with 2 years or less experience that had a median gross income of $8,500—a decrease from $8,900 in 2019.
  • The largest expense categoryfor most REALTORS® was vehicle expenses, which was $1,200.


  • 69%of REALTORS® reported having a website for business use.
  • For professional use, REALTORS® were typically most active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagramover other professional networking websites.
  • The method through which REALTORS® prefer to communicate with clientswas text messaging (93%), followed by telephone (90%), and email (89%).

Demographic Characteristics of REALTORS®

  • The typical REALTOR® was a 54-year-old white femalewho attended college and was a homeowner.
  • 65%of all REALTORS® were female, up slightly from 64% last year.
  • The majority of REALTORS®—82%—own their primary residenceand 37% own a secondary property.

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