Marketing, and Imagination..

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Lesson Plan For The Future

Marketing, and Imagination…

What is your Differentiator?

Have you ever purchased a bottle of Fuji Water?


It is more expensive than its competitor’s water?

It’s just water. H20.

It tastes like water, looks like water, smells like water, feels like water…

but the package and the story is different from its competitors. Fiji entered a crowded product arena, late, and has been successful, and it charges more than its competition.


Fiji created that desire for its overpriced product by creating a narrative, and pretty packaging in a different shaped bottle.

Fiji found a way to differentiate its water from all of the other bottled water on the market, most of it being much less expensive than Fiji brand.

What is your differentiator? Why would you hire you to sell real estate you own?

As Seth Godin says, “Be different, or charge less.”


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