Defining The Role of “The Real Estate Agent” of the not too distant future.

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What will the person we today refer to as a real estate agent be doing in the real estate marketplace of tomorrow, say 3 to 5 years from now? What skills will be required?

From an article in Kiplinger:
Real Estate Agent: The old days of having a person pick out a home for you to tour are swiftly slipping away. There are so many sites to help you choose the location, school system, amenities, etc. of a new home, that real estate agents are starting to disappear. As the final stages of where you want to live come closer, you may want the help of a real person, but the fees they charge are coming under pressure as their value diminishes.
Walt Baczkowski and I, in 1993, were talking about the days of the real estate mortician being gone forever…real estate morticians were real estate agents who threw people into the back seat of their car, and drove them around until they were dead!
Have you heard the term “taking the friction out of the transaction?”
It is used often in technology and real estate conversations. Human beings are the friction, rules are the friction. Rules will be adjusted, and people eliminated from the transaction process. We might even see federal regulation.
If the Feds regulate the buying and selling of securities (the SEC),  is it much of a stretch to think that some people inside and outside of government think that it might be a good idea to regulate the biggest and most important purchase of people’s lives?


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