Land Use and Housing Affordability

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Lesson Plan For The Future
Land Use and Housing Affordability…
A key component of the solution is building more, in a sustainable way.
Even with interest rates increasing at a record pace, homes are receiving multiple offers.
Fron NAR Chief Economist, Lawrence Yun:
Despite weaker sales, multiple offers are still occurring with more than a quarter of homes selling above list price due to limited inventory.
The current lack of supply underscores the vast contrast with the previous major market downturn from 2008 to 2010, when inventory levels were four times higher than they are today.
Lawrence has been a great resource for me for many years. If you have an interest in real estate and the economy, I recommend following Lawrence on LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.
Lawrence Yun on LinkedIn: Existing home sales fall to a 10-year low in September, as mortgage rates…


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