“Futures Markets” — SEC gives Green Light to Bitcoin ETF

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While the article at the link provided below features Bitcoin, it is the idea of a “Futures Market” that is significant in our developing conversation around the future of real estate assets, real estate ownership, and financing.
Still, in the big picture, it’s safe to say everyone in crypto wins from the SEC’s decision. Bitcoin’s price stormed back near its all-time-high, and the SEC arguably confirmed what crypto fans have known all along: Bitcoin is real. It is a major league asset that deserves to be recognized by the financial establishment and regulators alike.
John Reilly, as we continue to build out the story of the future of the real estate industry, the term “Futures Market” is one we need to add to the Nomenclature…and a new term for you in your next edition of “The Language of Real Estate,” now in its Eighth Edition 
Again…the impotrtant concept to zero in on in concept of a “Futures Market.”
What is required from a data perspective to construct an effecient Futures Market?  A “Spot Market. ” Throw that on the list of terms as well John Reilly!
Asset manager ProShares signaled plans to launch a Bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund as soon as Monday, an action that would end an eight-year wait for a security tracking the cryptocurrency on the U.S. stock market, according to a filing.
Well, it finally happened. After more than eight years  of pleading by the crypto industry, the SEC has given the go-ahead to a Bitcoin ETF (exchange-traded fund) —a move that will give regular folks exposure to the original cryptocurrency via major stock exchanges, and is expected to trigger a moon moment as new money rushes into Bitcoin.
Will it, though?


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