Fractionalization of real estate ownership and Blockchain.

by | Jun 1, 2022 | Saul's Insights | 0 comments

Lesson Plan For The Future

Fractionalization of real estate ownership and Blockchain.

Making real estate “affordable” again.

If you can’t buy the whole property, buy part of it. This has been my real estate investing philosophy since 1976.

As we move into the future, consumers will expect real estate professionals to know about these new business models and opportunities, such as the one shown below.

You will discover more companies such as RoofStock entering the Industry. These types of investments look very much like a “Security” to me.


As markets continue their volatile run into the middle of the year, one alternative investment that has seen increased growth and demand is single-family rentals. While public stocks and bonds have had a rough go in recent months, and inflation causes cash flow issues for investors big and small, cash-generating assets like rental properties have increasingly drawn public attention.





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