Finding the Best Bagel

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I traveled North America extensively over a 30 year career “on the road” and I sampled bagels everywhere I went…and there is truth to the statement that there is nothing like a New York Bagel. I prefer them.

Whenever I traveled to NYC and surrounds, one of the first things I would do was buy a dozen bagels. I like them plain, and a number of different ways. One way is just a bagel by itself. As good as cake!

And NY Bagels have that thin shell outer surface…

I just ordered my first NY Bagels online. I’ll let you know how good they are


Chris Furey — “Crusty, dense and chewy…the NYC bagel hallmark.Lin Fields — “I absolutely love Just Bagels. They are online. They are definitely made in New York City.
Saul Klein  I lost my first tooth trying to bite into a frozen bagel!
Lin Fields  Something about you have to thaw them first! LOL
Steve Finney — Try in South Philly. And while you’re in town, grab a Philly Cheesesteak at Tony Luke’s on South Street. The best of both!
Saul Klein I think you took me there once for a Philly Cheesesteak. “Oh baby, meet me, on South Street, oh yea, hurry on down. Meet me on South Street, the hippest street in town!”


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