Dynamic yield maximization of an otherwise static asset (real estate).

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Worth a listen.

Most Real Estate Agents are not “gainfully employed…
$100 Billion in commission is a big target.
Where did 6% commission rate come from (according to Alex)
Problems with the Agent Model in Real Estate Sales, big changes on the way.
Alex Rampell of Andreesan Horiwitz taught us about “Dynamic yield maximization of an otherwise static asset (real estate).
If you are interested in the future of the real estate industry
Buying a home is in many ways the pinnacle of the American dream. And yet the way things work today, it’s a painful process. Real estate agents, brokers, banks, notaries, title insurers, and many other intermediaries all make for a convoluted, difficult, and expensive process for home buyers and sellers alike. In this presentation from a16z’s annual Summit event, a16z general partner Alex Rampell explains how as consumers get used to less friction and more transparency in the age of mobile, software is finally beginning to disrupt buying a home — from discovery to purchase to finance and more. Including even disrupting the nature of home ownership itself.


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