Discount Real Estate Commissions???

by | Sep 11, 2021 | Saul's Insights | 0 comments

Discounted Commission?
There is no such thing as a commission discount, as there is no standard rate of commission.
A statement such as the following, which I saw in an online conversation today, is potentionally problematic for the poster and the Industry in its current configuration.
“If these agents are so seasoned, why do they have to discount so heavily?”
There is is no “Standard” or “Fixed” commission rate.
How can there be a discount? Discount from what?
All commissions are negotiable and the FTC and DOJ are looking real hard at the real estate industry at present, especially under the new Administration. The real estate industry is a target…your livelyhood is a target of the Federal Government, as stated in the Presidents Executive Order of July 9, 2021:
REALTORS typically shy away from commission conversations to avoid antitrust claims, yet speak openly about a discount from some unseen, “What I deserve” commission rate,” as if there is a standard or fixed rate.
The DOJ (Department of Justice) and FTC (Federal Trade Commission) are very interested in posts of this nature. It makes the case for them that there is “price fixing” and other antitrust violations.


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