Cognitive Computing

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Cognitive Computing is a Must Have

Don’t let anyone kid you, they don’t know the value of your data. Don’t give it away before you know what it is worth.
Digital businesses have been disrupting virtually every industry in the past several years, fundamentally transforming how they engage with customers and markets. Data is both the fuel and the product of digital transformation. About 1.7 megabytes of information are created every second for every person on Earth. While digital data represents a vast opportunity, its velocity, diversity, and complexity presents a major challenge. In fact, an estimated 99.5 percent of that digital data is never analyzed.To keep a competitive edge, organizations will need to maximize the insights — the “digital intelligence” — they create from the vast data flows being generated by the digital revolution.

Cognitive computing is rapidly emerging as a transformational technology that complements digital business, helps unlock the value in digital data, and augments human intelligence and decision making. Cognitive systems can rapidly ingest and analyze large volumes of structured and unstructured data, generate hypotheses, formulate potential answers to questions, and provide recommendations or predictions that experts can include in the decision-making process.



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