Changing Land Use Policy -Increasing Density is part of the solution for affordable housing – NIMBYs and YIMBYs

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From all indications the Federal Government and the White House intend to change Land Use Policy in the United States and it is coming to a city or town near you.
Increasing Density is part of the solution for affordable housing – NIMBYs and YIMBYs will continue the debate (Not In My Back Yard and Yes In My Back Yard). If 2 or more units are allowed where once only one unit was allowed, the land cost per unit should be diminished and boost housing affordability.
In California, you may now be able to build more units on property priviously zoned for a single family unit.
Many believe that increasing density is part of the solution, and that we will see this effort begun in California, go nationwide…with “carrots” fron the Federal Government.
“Newsom signs law to allow up to four housing units to replace single-family lots.”
The Governor signed this legislation despite nearly 250 cities objecting that it will, by design, undermine local planning and control.
Most agree there is an affordable housing shortage, and proposed construction often runs into “not in my backyard” opposition. And then there are the YIMBYs…Yes, in my back yard.
Look for the opportunity, avoid the dissent.


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