Changing Land Use Policy in a Post Covid World

by | Jul 30, 2021 | Housing and Land Use | 0 comments

Lesson Plan For The Future

Massive Government funding will help drive new land use policy, along with the full force of the Executive Branch of government and its broad regulatory powers. This conflunce of circumstance will present a challenge to private property rights to which many are so accustomed.

The discussions will be many and exhausting, but focus on the opportunity, and not on the dissent.

Computing power, data, and data science will be able to assist us in creating healthful and safe living environments for all, making the most of our most precious resource, the land…in theory.

Property values will change, based on new land use policies. If you are a real estate broker, investor, sales licensee, and MLSs and REALTOR Associations, start thinking about the 4 great forces that influence value (Physical, Social, Economic, and Political), and the 4 Elements of Value (Demand, Utility, Scarcity, and Transferability). They are all very viaible today.

In San Diego, there are debates today over the use of certain funds for more park space, instead of more park amenities.

The following is part of a Brookings Institute three-part series which examines the economic, social, and civic impacts of public space investments in Albuquerque, N.M., Buffalo, N.Y., and Flint, Mich.


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