Can crypto currency ever be used to purchase real estate?

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Blockchain, Crypto Currency | 0 comments

Lesson Plan For The Future
Blockchain – Crypto Currency – Tokenization – Crypto Financial Services – Crypto Economy – Crypto Ecosystem
Someday people will be able to buy real estate in pieces on a platform such as Coinbase, the way crypto currency can be purchased on a platform today. There will be no commissions for the sale (there may be a small transaction fee on the platform).
There could be consulting fees leading to listing or purchase of a home, or a “piece” of a home in this manner, on a yet to be created platform. It may be the only way first time homebuyers are able to build equity in real estate before they buy their first home. Fractional ownership without the various “middlemen.”
Take a look at the Coinbase screen capture. What if each crypto currency or token listed was a real estate parcel…listed by parcel number or by street address…

Imagine “Dollar Cost Averaging” small pieces of real estate equity over time, $25 at a time…If you have not started to understand crypto platforms, this is a good time to start.


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