Attend the AEI’s Tenth Annual Housing Conference held entirely virtual with free registration

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Affordable and Available Housing and Lending

One of my favorite resources for housing data and information is the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) Housing Center and the work of Ed Pinto and Tobias Peter. I will be referring to some of their papers and articles on the subjects on our website, The Data Advocate Dot Com.

One of my objectives for 2022 is to bring more of their work and its implications to light as the industry and the country struggles with affordability and availability of housing.

As land use policy changes to address major housing and transportation concerns, it will be important for brokers, agents, associations, MLSs, Vendors, Consumers…”Stakeholders,” to understand this shift, and explore the opportunities.

I plan on attending the Virtual Housing Conference November 17-18 and will have plenty to talk about afterwards.

Day One:

Nov. 17 (11am – 4pm ET):

Main Topic: Housing Center research

A comprehensive housing market update, including structural changes brought on by the pandemic, Walkable Oriented Development (WOD), which presents a market-based opportunity to cut the Gordian knot preventing needed additions to the nation’s housing supply, The definitive history of mortgage lending and risk in the lead up to and in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis undertaken by Stephen Oliner in collaboration with FHFA, and the Wealth building home loan and LIFT home

Day Two:

Main Topic: Race and socio-economic status (SES)
Research undertaken by the AEI Housing Center concludes that what a much cited 2018 Brookings study on “The Devaluation of Assets in Black Neighborhoods” characterizes as solely large race-based differences in home values due to systemic racism are actually due, in large part, to SES differences. Recognizing the importance of SES factors is key to finding common ground around addressing systemic disadvantage.

This day will bring together an inter-disciplinary group of scholars that will offer policy solutions aimed at housing, family formation, intergenerational wealth, educational attainment to provide and support economically sound opportunities for income and wealth growth for lower income households.

If you are interested, it is free to attend:

For more on the agenda and to RSVP, click here. A link to attend the virtual conference will be emailed to all registrants closer to November 17th.


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