What happens when you bring together a consortium of talents that collectively have been an intricate conduit of the advancement within the real estate industry? From the very first “technology” that started with faxes on thermal paper to the launch of the largest evangelistic initiative to promote the adoption of this new “internet” phenomenon, this team was uniquely positioned to bring that messaging and adoption to over 1.6 million professionals.

At a time when very few people knew what a domain was or what it could do, the value of a permanent email address, or what a pointer domain actually did, what this new email could do was pioneering and evangelism at it’s most powerful level.

Through hundreds of presentations across the country through an entity named “The Internet Crusade” this group engaged the masses to quickly adopt and adapt to the new innovation in real estate, changing the course of real estate today.

From launching websites to the first actual technology training, the visions of this team developed “e-PRO” training which is still available thru the National Association of Realtors.

By combining the experiential backgrounds from serving as presidents of real estate boards, associations, top level consulting with MLS’s and authoring bestselling books for the real estate industry, this combined team is uniquely positioned to help you navigate the power and concerns of how data is changing our country and our industry.

Who We Are

The Data Advocate is comprised of a team of professionals that are positioned to assess and articulate the futuristic vision of data and the advancement of technology and the possible impacts on our professional and personal lives and safety.

Our goal is to:


Transforming data to real time relevancy in the real estate industry


Making sense of data and how it impacts the real estate industry


Making Data relevant to your world

Our Company Strategic Vision

The vision of the Data Advocate is to use the Internet to create, publish and disseminate information, drawing from the collective knowledge and consciousness of the real estate industry.

To maximize the value and power of Community Created Content and integrating the relevant data for awareness and adoption. Our objectives are to: Accumulate, Manipulate, Disseminate Real Estate and data Related Information

The Data Advocate is a resource as a “New Media Data Company” working closely with Realty Times to deliver news, commentary, and educational opportunities to anyone interested in knowing more about real estate and the changing real estate industry.

Our Company Mission

The Data Advocate will provide the community authentic transparent and relative data information and the possible transformation to best inform our lives.

The purpose is to:


Build THE recognized, authoritative real estate web resource in conjunction with RealTown.com and high-level social media communities for agents, brokers, and consumers


Harness the power of online community in the real estate industry for the benefit of the audiences that participate, follow, and engage with us and our “cadre” of high-level thought leaders, experts, and contributors, by creating a “safe space” for contributors and participants with relevant information and resources.


Create THE credible, authoritative source of real estate information for consumers, real estate agents and brokers


Build the Conversation by building The Data Advocate and leveraging the resources with strategic partnerships including RealTown.com, The Women’s Wisdom Network, and more

Core Values

The core values that the Data Advocate embraces are to provide accurate, fully transparent messaging and information of data and data interpretation thru high level resources for the TDA community.

The experiential, intellectual and relational capital of The Data Advocate cadre of experts provides well positioned services to: