11th Annual AEI Housing Conference Panel Highlight

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11th Annual AEI Housing Conference Panel Highlight:

Tracking the Housing Market with AEI Housing Center Data

You won’t want to miss the first panel of day one (November 30) of our upcoming 11th annual Housing Conference*.  It featured a deep dive into the current state of the housing market. The housing market is at an important crossroads as the Nation’s longest home price boom has finally peaked after a 10½ year run. Since prices peaked in June, we have had Month-on-Month declines of 0.5%, 0.4%, & 0.2% in September, August, & July respectively. Out of the 60 largest metros, 51 have had a decline from their respective peak home price levels, and only 2 are still growing.

As the market turns, AEI Housing Center will continue to provide the most detailed, up to date, and insightful market analysis available. We will cover market indicators gleaned from public records data, rate locks, and numerous other sources. Our data include both year-over-year and month-over-month Home Price Appreciation (HPA) broken down by 60 metros and 4 price-tiers.

This panel was presented by Assistant Director, Tobias Peter, and Senior Data and Analytics Manager, Sissi Li.

Join AEI Housing Center for the 11th annual housing conference, a two-day virtual event.

Panels will explore our latest research on the housing market, Light-Touch Density, systemic racism and systemic disadvantage, the connection between housing supply and homelessness, and much more.

Panelists will include:

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or go to: https://www.aei.org/events/11th-annual-housing-conference/

Edward J. Pinto
Director, AEI Housing Center

American Enterprise Institute
1789 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20036


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